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Who I Am is committed to a community of musicians and fans. Through recorded music, live and online, Who I Am seeks to create a welcoming community, based upon a love and appreciation for music, and a love and respect for all people.

Ken Holt has played in bands since High School, through College, and beyond. With highly successful regional New England band, The Blend, Ken toured “from Maine to Miami”, recorded 2 albums with M.C.A., and opened for The Who and other major acts. 
Mary Kate Brennan, originally from Vermont and upstate NY, adds a powerful Americana presence to every Who I Am song. Gospel and Bluegrass roots shine through as MK trades lines and verses with Ken, adding to the dynamic Who I Am live sound.

Ken chose the name Who I Am because it calls for complete honesty and authenticity in the music. In other words, the lyrics, the vibe, the show, all need to honestly represent the person and values of Who I Am. No verbal smoke and mirrors, the real deal. Together with Mary Kate,  Who I Am the DUO offer up an honest, insightful, and sometimes humorous view of American life, i.e. Americana music.

The first VIDEO SINGLE from the album, Claim This Land, can be viewed on YouTube. The complete album, Who I Am…with you. is available both digitally and physically on the Official website STORE, as weil as on CD Baby and I-Tunes. Stream Who I Am on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Who I Am!”

Photo Shoot at Dominic Agostini's  Studio. Melbourne, FL

Photo Shoot at Dominic Agostini's Studio. Melbourne, FL


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