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There's something in the tightly wound guitar parts and crisply defined production that bring to mind Dire Straits, but the different layers, players, and rhythms almost take things over into Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks territory. There's a swinging soul to Who I Am...with you that Knopfler and company just don't possess. Fans of Joe Cocker, Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt and Sam Cooke take note - there's a new artist to add to your record collection and his name is Ken Holt.
Claim This Land: Video review
Strong as all the songs on this album are, a stand-out is Claim This Land, and ode to positivity and inclusion. Holt's voice channels the grit and panache of Warren Zevon while stylishly  replacing Zevon's cynicism with a genuine paternal smile. Check out the Brevard County filmed and produced video on YouTube: Claim This Land.
Who I Am...with you
The talent Holt has assembled on this recording speaks volumes about his long career and exceptional song craft. Each player is world class and has the musical, effortless depth of talent befitting any L.A. of Nashville session player. The lap and pedal steel playing of Smith Curry has the smooth, haunting bite of  David Lindley in his prime. The combination of Mary Kate Brennan and Anna Lusk could back any vocal artist strong enough to stand in front of them.   Brevard Live, April 2017