First Impressions

"Do you think she's pretty? Do you think he's cute?

I wore my favorite sneakers, kept the jacket, ditched the suit.

Did my 15 pushups and said a little prayer,

Shot a grande capuchino, I'll be talkin' in your ear.

I'm good at conversation if it's surfin' or guitars,

I'll show you my collection, got 'em hangin' on the walls.

Tell me, who's your favorite diva, or do you like Rock n Roll?

I got a picture of Lucinda Williams hangin' on my wall.

FIRST IMPRESSION, checkin' it out

I can see by your expression.

You might be lookin' at your next phenomena,

Wanna make a good FIRST Impression.


Take off your shoes and your pre-conceived notions,

Let's take off for Portland, get a place near the ocean.

I got this wonder what is comiin' next look in my eye,

Tell me, would you like to join me for a really good time?

I'm old enough for Woodstock, young enough to know

what is cool, what is not, what is just for show.

I'll leave my fingerprint on a corner of your soul

and you'll be takin' me home whether you know it or not.

FIRST IMPRESSION, checkin' it out 

I can see by your expression. 

You might be lookin' at your next phenomena, 

Wanna make a good FIRST Impression."

Mary Kate Brennan - vocals / Ken Holt - vocals & guitar

Words and Music - Ken Holt 

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