"Heard a kid in the lobby..."

Got a room with an alley view in Music City. Heard some kid in the lobby, probably playin' for free, sounded like a star to me. Found a honky tonk with an Open Mic and a line stretchin' way on down the street. Sang this song about a Florida boy, lookin' for a home in Tennessee, no one even guessed that it was me. 

A few lines from Music City, a song penned in Nashville, almost one year ago. The occasion was Americana Fest 2017. How can anyone with a guitar, surrounded by that much inspiration, not come up with at least some semblance of a song, rhetorically speaking. Well, next week I'll be immersing myself in the life giving waters once again, 2018 edition. 


Whatever your passion is in life, there is a conference or retreat or festival somewhere to feed your soul. In my Surf Shop days it was the Surf Expo in Orlando. In my Pastor days, it was Montreat, NC. In the late 60's, it was love fests like the Atlanta Pop Festival, with Jimi Hendrix and the Allman Brothers officiating. 

What will amaze and feed me next week at Americana Fest will be the incredible talent of artists most of which I have never heard of, plus, of course, the cream off the top tier. 

A few more lines from Music City, Sunrise took me by surprise, she sure comes early. Took a vitamin with fried chicken, had some visene for my eyes. Walked the streets where legends walked and mingled with their source of inspiration. 

Whatever your passion, may we each find ourselves seriously mingled with the source of our inspiration

Peace to you and yours, Ken

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