Is the Genie sleeping?

To EXPRESS YOURSELF is to let the Genie out of the bottle. After one verbal bomb-blast, a listener responded, "Don't be shy, tell us how you really feel." A songwriting friend of mine, Surely Lorraine, also allows the Genie to speak, but does so in a typically soothing and smooth manner. (Google Surely Lorraine). Expressing oneself, that is, allowing the thoughts and feeling to rise up and out, can come in more than one way. ASSUMPTION #1: to Express is a Verb. It is an ACTION word. Something needs to happen. The bottle must be uncorked and the Genie must decide whether to come out and express his or her Genieness, or to remain secluded within the confines of a learned comfort zone. 

Here's where I recently got into trouble. The Genie was free, BUT I coxed him back in the bottle, jammed the cork in his face and and buried it in the back yard. Why? Songwriter, Jason Blume, put it this way: "Remain grateful for the gifts and the dreams you've been given, regardless of any success that might or might not develop." In other words, I had lost sight of the wonderful dream that I've been pursuing these last 2 years. When gig requests and song placements and sales fell short of my envisioned future, I slowly began to shut down.  The action word, to Express, became a noun sitting on it's hands inside a corked bottle. Not good. 

Credit to Jason Blume, "Seek ways to let your writing be it's own reward." ASSUMPTION #2: My action is not dependent upon someone else's inaction. In other words, so what if XYZ booking person chooses to ignore me, that doesn't mean that I choose to ignore the wonderful gift of music that has been planted in my soul. My Genie much prefers the fresh air and wide open spaces of "What shall I write a song about today?" And of course, Expression through music and lyrics doesn't happen every day, but it might. The SECRET: remain grateful for the gift of musical expression, and let nothing cause you to give up, cork it up, and shut down (and least not for long). 

Peace my friends. Express yourself! 

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