Celebrate the Gifts

To be clear, this BLOG is NOT intended as a review of anyone's performance. Let's leave that for Brevard Live or Florida Today or whoever your local music mag is. This BLOG is rather intended as a CELEBRATION of the gifts that particular artists have, AND an AFFIRMATION of what those artists are doing with their gifts. Let me put it another way, I recently saw and heard two artists perform, Anna Lusk and Anja, and WOW!  

Anna Lusk was performing as a member of Honey Miller, and Anja fronting her band, Anja and the Dreamers. What these two women share in common, in my view, are 3 things: 1) Both have an innate talent that was planted in their being since the beginning. They didn’t start singing and playing their instruments with a blank page. From somewhere or someone, depending on your belief system, was infused the potential for greatness (musical greatness in their case). So, we all have the seeds of something planted in us. The rubber hits the road in what we DO with that potential. 

Which leads to the second thing Anna Lusk and Anja share in common. 2) Each woman has worked hard to develop her particular talents. Of course, I have no way of knowing what these women do in their “spare” time, that is how many hours they spend rehearsing, practicing, writing songs, or setting up the PA. But, for sure, they have not been sitting on idle hands. The proof is in the performing. Whoever your favorite artists may be, rewind the tape to about 2-3 years ago. See the difference??? The seeds have been watered, the fingers have been trained, the voice has been strengthened. From the perspective of someone sitting in the seats, both Anna Lusk and Anja have been working hard and it shows. 

I started my saying that these two women have three things in common. For me, here is the third thing: 3) Each share a likable, thankful humility. That is a loaded phrase and here’s what I mean: It’s possible to be impressed with someone’s musical dexterity but not really care for their vibe or persona. Not the case with Anna Lusk or Anja. These women cause you to “like” them. Secondly they come across as genuinely thankful that you and I took the time and spent the money to come out. You are welcome, ladies. And lastly, a little humility in the entertainment biz goes a long way. Anna Lusk and Anja are deserving of the spotlight and both handle it with grace. NICE. 

Again, this BLOG is not intended as a review, but rather as an expression of appreciation for gifts shared.  Peace  

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