Responsible IS as Responsible DOES

Responsible IS as Responsible DOES. Sounds like a Forest Gumpism doesn't it. I have 6' x 6' Tiki Hut in my backyard. But, you'd never know it was a Tiki Hut because it doesn't have any palm branches on the roof. Big problem if you're a tiki hut! I tried to rectify the situation by calling the tiki hut experts. "We'll be there on Monday with stainless steel screws, palm branches, and extra lumber to add a Tahitian style doorway." OK, I'm stoked! I can see me now, lounging in my Lowe's plastic chair, cooled by the afternoon sea breeze, strumming the 10 chords I know on the Ukulele. It's a beautiful vision I had in July. BUT WAIT, what month is this?? The end of December you say? GUESS WHAT, the tiki hut experts never showed on that Monday, or any other subsequent  Monday for that matter. It appears, as if we didn't all know this, that everyone who SAYS they're going to DO something, doesn't actually DO what they say they're going to do. Back to my Gumpism. Responsible IS as Responsible DOES.

As a part of the Who I Am music project, I started a new business, Lanny Boy Music. Lanny Boy will publish the tunes on the new record and all subsequent tunes. I always have said that if ever I had my own business, one of my measurable objectives would be to always DO what I say I'm going to do WHEN I say I'm going to DO it.
As a consumer, as a customer, I want that from those whom I choose to give payment to, and I expect that YOU, as a consumer of music and plumbing and internet etc., want and expect the same. SURE, life happens, and the roof gets blown off the tiki hut, the internet connection fails, the power steering on your car goes out (yes, that does happen. It just happened to my Suzuki),  you break a string on your guitar during the 1st song of the 1st set, and on and on. In other words, life happens and as the responsible adult in the room, you then go to plan A with an addendum, making the communications necessary to those waiting on the CD., or the Tee-Shirt, or the Tiki Hut roof.

Here's my pledge to you. when it comes to our musical life together, I will do everything in my power to mail that CD on time, arrive at the gig on time, start on time, return your emails and phone calls in a time sensitive manner, and so on. IN OTHER WORDS, I will strive to be responsible to you as a friend and as a potential consumer  of my music. Responsible IS as Responsible DOES.
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