Farming?? Really?? O.K., give it a try!

Growing my own LETTUCE in the back yard sounded like a good idea. Fresh produce, free of pesticides, and FREE for the taking, if you don't count the labor.  It worked. The lettuce exploded...I mean REALLY exploded! I ate lettuce at every meal except breakfast, fed it to the dog, and just ripped off a leaf anytime I was in the backyard. Having been raised NOT to waste food, I was Lettuce binging. The problem was, I couldn't eat it all. Even my lettuce eating Retriever began to cower when I came in his direction.  Rotting lettuce is a big problem if you're a lettuce farmer, even a pseudo suburban one like myself. It became apparent that I had an infrastructure problem, that is, good product going to waste in the fields, or in my case, the barrel.

What every good farmer knows is that it doesn't matter how good your crop or your product is, if you don't have a way to get it to market, your labors are for naught. Now honestly, I'm no farmer, but It occurs to me that farmers must need trucks, trains, roads, highways, produce middlemen, farm stands, supermarkets, phones, computers, and a lot of help, in order to make it happen. In other words, the INFRASTRUCTURE needs to be in place when the produce is ready for market.

What I've discovered in the Who I Am...with you record project, is that making and distributing music is much akin to farming. If you were to visit my garage, you would find cases of unsold, undelivered "lettuce," or past CD's I have recorded with no viable infrastructure to get them to the public. Because I'm a smarter musical farmer than I was in the past, I am in the process of building some "roads, highways, produce middlemen, farm stands, and supermarkets" in order to get the music out there., Facebook, I-Tunes,, CD Baby, Spotify, PLUS other tools you could name, are the INFRASTRUCTURE to carry the music from the 1st chords on my acoustic guitar to your I-Phone or CD player. The LETTUCE is ready to be eaten. The MUSIC is ready to be heard. I'll soon be loading it up in the back of a pickup truck and bringing it to market. Due to arrive FEBRUARY 15th. Will you give it a taste? I sure hope so.     Ken        

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