"WHO do you sound like?"

"Who do you sound like?" he asked. "Who do YOU, as the artist, think you sound like?" he pushed. OK, I responded, how about....(and I dropped a few names). That's a more difficult question than you might think, especially if you're an artist like whoiam.band. My musical influences range from Meet the Beatles to what I heard on XM Radio today! That's really the beauty of Who I Am for me, as it allows me to expose any piece of that musical puzzle and be fine with it. Because, I say, that's Who I Am.

But, the fact remains, in the world of musical marketing, one must be more specific.SO, I pass the question to YOU. Granted you only have 3 EARLY MIX tunes to judge from at this stage, but from THOSE TUNES, "Who do you think whoiam.band sounds like?" SIGN UP at whoiam.band and post your thoughts on the BLOG or hit the COMMENT page. Your input is very important and WILL be seriously considered. I promise. THANKS IN ADVANCE!  Peace, Ken


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