You may claim your car and claim your guitar, BUT are you prepared to Claim This Land?

Claim: A claiming of something as one's rightful due.
You may claim your car as your rightful means of transportation. You may claim your guitar as the rightful means by which you make great music. When we Claim This Land, we are stating that "this land" has been rightfully set apart for a particular purpose. In the song Claim This Land, Ken Holt is lyrically stating that the purpose of "this land," is to provide "a place where children grow up" to their full potential, "a place where children laugh" and play freely without fear of violence, and "a place where children learn to love" those of every skin color, ethnicity, and identity. Which begs the question, "What is the purpose of This Land?" Let the song speak.

This Inauguration Weekend, whether you are celebrating, grieving, and/or marching, the song Claim This Land is for you.Till Monday, the 23rd, a FREE download with a SIGN UP. Have a safe and fruitful weekend.

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