Banging Out C Chords

Rosanne Cash, in a recent NPR interview, said “I’ve got a lot to say and a lot less time to say it.” As I do the math, I am owning up to 50 years playing music in some shape or form.  Actually, it’s a little longer than that if I count a couple of years playing gym dances in High School. With or without the sock hops I resonate with a much younger Rosanne Cash when she suggests If I’ve got something to say, I better get to it. 

It’s probably that awareness of one’s own mortality that drives the Stones to do one more tour while Mick can still dance and Keith can still roll with his swagger. While Rosanne speaks of contributing, Mick and Keith may lean more in the legacy direction, but everyone tunes up one more time for a reason. 

The last couple of years have put my guitar in both musical camps. Today, the Who I Am project sees an opportunity and a calling, to use theological jargon, to contribute to the conversation. I realized a long time ago that love songs are not my strong suit; there are plenty of heavy lifters in that arena anyway. It’s the social commentary stuff, the behavioral people watching that I squeeze the most juice out of. The primary actors are putting on quite a show, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, so there’s plenty of fodder for “what the world needs now…” 

One singable protest song will not the world save. One sermonette preached to a skeptical or even like minded audience will not change the river’s course.  See, I have gotten a little smarter in 50 years of banging out C chords. But, as Rosanne suggested, there’s plenty to say and the stakes have not been higher in my lifetime. 

Who I Am has some tunes in the production pipeline that I hope will titillate your social conscious skin. Or, just remind us all once again that love really is the medicine to heal what ails us. 

To paraphrase one author, “turn you passion into your mission.” Who I Am, or perhaps under other names, is underway to do just that. 

Peace to you and yours, 


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