Feeling Thankful....NOT talkin' Thanksgiving!

Someone gave my 6 year old grandson Asher something, and my daughter Loren immediately chimed in "What do you say?"   Asher is no dummy. He knows the drill. Of course, you say, "Thank you." That's where you get that stuff, those pesky manners drilled into your head. Some adult, probably your mom or dad, through repetition and reminder after reminder, kept asking you "What do you say?" 

Well, Asher will likely pass me in gadget expertise in the next few years. but I plan to keep up with him on the "P's and Q's." So, here I go. 
Thank you to Loren Krizmanich, Asher Krizmanich, Kiran Krismanich, Michaela Kramer, Anna Lusk, Mary Kate Brennan, Orlando (last name), Dalton Smith and the fabulous NPI crew. Why am I thanking them, other than the fact that my mother trained me to do so,?..... These good folks made possible the filming of a video today, CLAIM THIS LAND. It'll be out later, but this is no commercial. This is rather to say, "THANK YOU for giving the better part of a day to help me film my first music video. You brought your smiles, your skills, your energy, your support, your expertise and laid them all on the table for my and, soon to be, popular consumption." 

I really appreciate it. I had a super day. Thank you for the gifts. 
Peace, Ken

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