Here's the DEAL.....OK, I know you've heard that before, but this really IS a deal. Give me a chance to explain before you scroll down!

 Hidden in plain view, there is an incorrect spelling of a word in the text of my new CD, Who I Am..with you. HINT: It's this sort of thing, plain vs, plane, to vs. too, or write vs. right.  English Majors tell me they're called Homophones. HINT 2 The TYPO is inside the CD. You'll need to open it and look. It's not on the cover.

Here's the DEAL, IF you are among the first 10 to PURCHASE a physical CD in the Who I Am Store,, and IDENTIFY the "TYPO," THEN, I will  send you a 2nd CD absolutely FREE. It's 2 for 1, and all you need to do is read through the text of your new CD and catch what I missed. And, believe me I read this thing a bunch and missed it every time UNTIL it had already gone to print. Oops. To late!

How will you let me know that you've found it? Simple. Send a note to, Type "I Found It" in the subject line, and be sure to give me your mailing address again. Remember I'm the guy who missed the typo a gazillion times, so send the address AGAIN!

What will you do with a 2nd CD you may ask? Give it to someone as a gift. Keep one at home and one in your car. Frame it (ask me to sign it and I'd be honored). Use it as a Frisbee, a drink coaster, or a collector's item. (I'd personally prefer the latter, BUT you don't give someone a gift and then tell them how to use it, so it's up to you.)

This TYPO CONTEST is about making a bouquet out of cut flowers, mud pies out of mud (depending on your perspective). It's actually inline with the basic philosophy of Who I Am. The glass is not half empty, it is half full. So let's drink up and have some fun,  you beautiful Who I Am ers!

Peace, Ken 


  • Mike Moulton

    Mike Moulton Lower West Brownfield Heights (buried in 3 feet of snow !!)

    I'm thinkin the capitol M is the typo .

    I'm thinkin the capitol M is the typo .

  • Who I Am

    Who I Am

    No, No , No. Sorry Mike. You'll need to open the CD.

    No, No , No. Sorry Mike. You'll need to open the CD.

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