What is an OCTOBUS?

Hangin' out in what I called the OCTOBUS. It was, and "was" is the operative word, a 2000 Gulfstream RV that took me up and down the eastern seaboard twice, with a couple of detours, like a stop at Bonnaroo. The Octobus was decorated like my shoes, colorful. Posters of Lucinda Willaims, the Drive By Truckers, and the North MIssissippi Allstars adorned her walls.  The bathroom worked.The frig worked. The glass in the door window was held in with duct tape at the end, and the step wouldn't go down. You just had to jump or climb in. The bed was heaven, never had a problem sleeping. The generator hardly every worked, so I left it  in ME on one trip and sold it to some guy for parts...$50. I think. One night after a Drive By Truckers show in St. Augustine, mid February, the heater died and by FL standards it was cold! Had on EVERY item of clothing plus every blanket and large towel I had. Once we got stuck in the mud at Bonnaroo had to be towed out. Drove off the edge of Skip Smith's driveway in Brownfield ME, Wound up in a ditch and had to be towed out. Got AAA and all was well. Loaded up with surfboards and paddleboards  and spent many days camping at CapeCanaveral, FL.  I really had a BLAST in the OCTOBUS, but she died and had to be retired. Actually a guy in Miami bought her and is restoring the Octobus to her deserved glory.

My cruisin' days are not over. Actually, I'm getting the fever again. I can envision whoiam.band takin' the show on the road in OCTOBUS II. The decor will largely be the same. The vibe will be adventuresome. Bottom line, it just FEELS good being behind the wheel and cruisin down the highway. Maybe I'll paint WHO I AM on the side, so you can honk when you pass us. And yes, you will be the one passing. I don't think I ever passed anyone in the 5 years I had her. Anyway, I hope to see you on down the road. This is a part of Who I Am.  Peace, Ken

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