What's In a NAME?

What is your FIRST name? What is your LAST name? What do those names say about WHO you are? My FIRST name is KENNETH. I am a Jr., named after my father, That makes me the  SON of KENNETH who,  in my very non-objective opinion, was a pretty good guy. That's an understatement in my view. I could easily attach HONEST, FAITHFUL to his friends, PATIENT (he had me to deal with), HARD WORKING with 27 years in the Marine Corps, and he knew how to have a good time too. Which is also a good character trait. So, that was him, and I am his son, and much of that, either genetically or environmentally rubbed off on me. What I'm getting to is this: the name KENNETH said something about who my father was, and now, as his offspring, it says something about who I am as well.

If you're interested you can do a WORD STUDY of your own name online, find it derivation and trace it's linguistic meaning. You might actually find it uplifting to discover those connections to greatness that perhaps you never thought of, but are there resonating under your skin. And no, we don't usually get to CHOOSE our name, unless you're   a member of the royal family and due to become King or Queen of England (then you get to choose). The rest of us, get our name lopped on our heads. BUT, WHAT IF our parents, however unknowingly, choose a name that really hit the definitive nail on the head...OUR head.

I heard a sermon last Sunday about all the names that are attached to Jesus.  Hum through some of the favorite Christmas Hymns and you'll hear Jesus referred to by a multitude of names, i;e., Prince of Peace, Savior, Lord, Messiah, Christ, Emmanuel...the list goes on and each name helps to more clearly identify WHO Jesus was, or is, depending on your faith perspective.  A name means a lot. Your name, if your ponder it's meaning, can have real significance in defining who YOU are.

Which brings me to Who I Am... the music, the vision, the dream. My GOAL is this: When I write a song, step on the stage to perform, when I banter with the audience, up until the time the last chord is struck, everything  that happens  will in some way reflect  Who I Am as a person, as a man, as Kenneth, the SON of KENNETH. IF I am successful or, may I say, faithful to my namesake,  THEN YOU, as a listener and watcher, will know Who I Am. Of course you won't know it all. How could you in 20 songs?  So, we both have some fun work to do. You will need to come hear whoiam.band again, shoot me a note on the CONTACT page, read my BLOGS, listen to my music. And I, in turn will be listening for your feedback, reading your notes and blog posts.  Yes, it goes both ways. Here's how you can help....SIGN UP and tell me your name!

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