Honest and respectful, Ken captures a slice of American life with unique insight and humor. Who I Am, an alternative blend of Americana music.

Honest and respectful, Ken captures a slice of American life with unique insight and humor. Who I Am, an alternative blend of Americana music.

Who I Am


THIS is WHO I AM. Ken Holt chose the name Who I Am for his music project because it calls for honesty and authenticity in the music. Whether recording, performing live, or streaming, Ken’s goal is that the music played, the vibe and interaction with listeners would be a clear representation of the purpose and intent of Who I Am. 

WHAT is the PURPOSE of Who I Am?  The Purpose of Who I Am is to create a welcoming community based upon a love and appreciation for music and a love and respect for all people. Practically speaking, this means that songs written, messages, themes, between song banter, body language, relationships with other musicians, fans, and industry, can all be viewed through the lens of this Purpose statement. It’s a beautiful barometer of authenticity. 

WHO is Ken Holt? Celebrating 50 Years of music, Ken was playing Mitch Ryder hits in the High School gym after the football game. Ken was the kid paying back his mom for his first Black Faced FENDER amp. After Jacksonville University, Ken and band mates played every college in New England. (And there are a LOT of them.) During the Southern Rock era, opening slots for Charlie Daniels, the Outlaws, 38-Special, and ZZ Top, held school. At the Boston Garden the road crew for The Who, asked, are you only going to use those Twin Reverbs?  Yes. 

Two albums with MCA, touring, all contribute to the boy’s musical education. Speaking of schooling, Ken earned 2 Masters Degrees and with a focus on Youth, served as music leader for Middle School and High School conferences throughout the Southeast. Great thrill number one: 1,000 kids singing a song Ken had written specifically for them. One acoustic guitar and 1,000 voices; powerful and memorable. 

And TODAY? True to his Purpose statement, Ken faithfully demonstrates his love and appreciation for music. Always listening for inspiration, three Bonnaroo Festivals and multiple Americana Festivals in Nashville serve well to influence Ken’s own song writing today. 

The founder of Lanny Boy Music L.L.C., Ken, daily, works on writing and recording what he calls a new Blend of Americana music. 

WHAT is NEW about it? Let’s be honest, we all bring different things to our respective tables. 

The musical influences that reverberate through Ken’s songbook, the lyrics that spring from Ken’s Life experience, the chords that fall into place because they are so comfortably familiar or uniquely original, ALL of these factors create a distinct collage or new Blend of music. Listen to Ken’s voice. Does it sound like anyone else’s voices? Described as interesting, quirky, even beautiful, Ken’s vocal is uniquely Ken’s, which is good when an artist needs to stand out in a crowded air-space. 


Who I Am...with you

Album Review

Musician, performing artist and storyteller, Ken Holt is first and foremost a songwriter. Holt has the rare ability to craft challenging song structures and instrumental textures that support the message his words convey. And Holt has much to say...on Who I Am...with you. It is a call to the masses to treat the people and things they encounter with care, respect, and love.    John Leach, Brevard Live, Florida.

What are FANS saying?

* Ken has really put his heart and talent into the project... This is one (album) you definitely must have. John Ellis

* Awesome album!  Sounds great! Ty Drown

* A great listen on road trips! You should check it out! Andrew Hunter

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