Proud - (adj) 1. Feeling greatly pleased or satisfied.

"As he marched across the parade field in Marine dress blues, Marine Corp Hymn dictating the cadence, with his boot camp graduation assured, this Dad was Proud. I have, in fact, been proud of this young man his whole life. Parades and dress blues surely rev up the emotion, but the pride and love remain the same." This song, gifted from father to son, expresses that pride and love. "I'm proud of you, proud to be your Dad.  I'm proud of you, the best Son I could have."   Ken Holt

Claim This Land - from the album Who I Am...with you, 2017

We need a place where children grow up. We need a place where children laugh. We need a place where children learn to love. Take my hand, Claim This Land.”

— Ken Holt

WFIT, National Public Radio

NPR Station WFIT, Live studio broadcast with Program Director, Todd Kennedy. Jake Salter - Guitar, Corbin Nappi - Drums, Howard Laravea - Keys, Kerry Morris - Bass, M.K. Brennan - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Ken Holt - Guitar and Vocal.

Sonic Waves Music Festival