We need a place where children grow up. We need a place where children laugh. We need a place where children learn to love. Take my hand, Claim This Land.”

— Ken Holt

The Cinnamon Series: Live and acoustic, coming to you from Cinnamon Drive, Satellite Beach, FL. WHO I AM, Ken Holt and Mary Kate Brennan will be offering up a steady musical diet of new Americana music, plus some acoustic versions from the album, Who I Am...with you.  This first song in the series, I'm Alive, was written by Maine songwriter, JD  Drown, recorded on Who I Am...with you, and boiled down for you here to mandolin and vocals.

Sonic Waves Music Festival, Melbourne, Florida, Summer 2017. 6 Minunte Video Collage put together by Micahael Simpson. Boiled down from 1 1/2 hours.

NPR Station WFIT, Live studio broadcast with Program Director, Todd Kennedy. Jake Salter - Guitar, Corbin Nappi - Drums, Howard Laravea - Keys, Kerry Morris - Bass, M.K. Brennan - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Ken Holt - Guitar and Vocal.